About Us

Two companies working toward a shared goal: provide premium radiation oncology services while optimizing accuracy with efficiency. Our services allow clinics and physicians to focus on patient care by providing products they can depend upon.

Quality can’t be sacrificed when the stakes are this great. Our employees appreciate the consequences of subpar service, and the realities of those consequences are what drives us every day. At the end of the day, our ultimate customer is the patient and their family.
Sometimes the right answer isn’t always the easy answer. It’s those tough conversations, though, that promote the best outcome for both our clinics and patients.
Taking ownership of one’s actions and decisions is a must in cancer care. Knowing we’ll be there when needed, and go beyond what is expected, is a given for our clients. Our employees are self-starters who know our clients and their patients depend on us every single day.
5 Physicists
5 physicists
13 Dosimetrists
13 physicists
12 Clinics covered by physics
3D rendering of a dark blue cancer clinic
30 Clinics covered by dosimetry
3D rendering of an orange cancer clinic
5 Xoft
5 XOFT machines in a row
80 New Patients planned per week
Grid of orange squares representing 80 patients per week
Blue squares representing planned 200 patients per week
200 Responsible for the safety and integrity of over 200 patients every week
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