On-site Clinical Services

Medical Physics plays a key role in the day-to-day operation of a radiation oncology clinic. Advanced Physics Solutions’ goal is to form a partnership with their clients for that day-to-day operation. Clinical success, and patient outcome, are paramount to the mission of Advanced Physics Solutions and any clinical partner.

Allow us to manage headaches like vacation coverage and resource optimization. As a partner, you’ll be involved in the hiring process for any potential clinical contract position with final right of refusal. Join a group with a wide range of expertise that puts patient treatment first.

Remote Services

Sometimes a helping hand is just what’s needed. If you’ve got a full-time physicist on-site, but your referral patterns fluctuate creating times of high patient load, allow us to remotely dial up and down resources. Our team can easily integrate and quickly adapt to your current clinical procedures and approach. With our expertise across multiple vendors, we can remote in to assist.

Locum Tenens

Need support on a temporary basis? PTO coverage, maternity leave, or sudden increase in patient load; we’ll be there when you need it.

Monthly and Annual Quality Assurance

Need to free up bandwidth for the daily clinical duties of your medical physicist? Is your physicist routinely losing their weekends to monthly and annual machine work but the workload doesn’t quite call for a full headcount?

Advanced Physics Solutions can assist your clinic in performing and checking absolute calibrations, annual machine audits, and ensuring TG-142 compliance. Standardized reporting and organization for easy reference from APS will make for a worry-free state inspection.

Radiation Safety

Whether you’re looking for a radiation safety officer or a physicist for your state license, we’re here to help. We also provide one-time services such as radiation surveys, badging, and shielding design.

As a clinical partner for on-site services, our physicists will serve as RSO and handle any questions with the state regarding licensing or future service expansion.

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