Unity MR Linac

With past experience in commissioning 5 Unity MR Linac sites worldwide, Advanced Physics is proud to pioneer some of the first MR Radiotherapy physics services.

By sharing our gained expertise and input from some of the platform’s most successful clinical users, we can help your new program navigate this exciting technology.


Not only does the Unity system have a linear accelerator, but it also has an MR. We can assist in commissioning both sides of the machine, offer additional beam model validation, and end-to-end clinical validation.

Staffing Recommendations

It takes a unique skillset to properly operate a device that utilizes both magnetic fields and MV radiation. Planning, physics, therapy; they all require a new approach in MR radiation therapy. Allow us to help in finding the perfect candidate for the job.

Program Structure

Need help tying it all together? We can advise from start to finish on staffing, workflow, and clinical structure with advice from our clinical partners. Allow us to share what has already been learned so you don’t have to start from square one.

MR Linac Machine

Equipment Rental

Advanced Physics offers MR compatible tank rentals on a short-term basis. Each rental will be accompanied by a physicist who can assist with setup and ensure proper functionality.

Annual Services

Whether you prefer to acquire a full set of beam scans, or review your machine’s performance with an array device, we offer full annual services.


Looking for help in starting your MR radiotherapy program? We can assist with (1) workflow, (2) QA procedures, (3) planning templates, and (4) AQUA implementation.

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