Drawing of a floor plan presenting radiation safety design for a building

Shielding Design

Advanced Physics Solutions offers expert shielding design and verification services pertaining to medical accelerators and x-ray systems (diagnostic, dental, veterinary). Whether it be new construction or retrofitting an existing space, we can assist you with your project in a timely manner.

Our shielding physicists have extensive experience and are well versed in local, state and federal regulatory requirements. We can also work with your vendors and project managers prior to, and during, construction to provide input or resolve issues as necessary to keep the project moving.

Linear 3D drawing of a radiation testing equipment.

Shielding Survey

New accelerator? Clinical go-live approaching fast?

Allow us to take the pressure off your hands. We'll bring our own calibrated equipment, and crunch the numbers for your existing structure to ensure it adequately meets both NCRP and local state guidelines.

Linear 3D drawing of a radiation testing equipment.


Through partnership with Radcom Associates, Advanced Physics Solutions is able to offer Mirion Technologies’ full range of radiation safety solutions. We can evaluate your needs and discuss the advantages of Mirion's offerings. Advanced Physics Solutions believes so strongly in the technology it swapped all 18 of its accounts over to Mirion’s Instadose badges.

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